5 Ways to Travel with A Neat Person When You Are A Total Wreck and Vice Versa

Some of us are very neat, tidy and organized. We(or I should say THEY) like to put all of our things in the drawers, hanging in the closet and everything has its own little place.

And some of us are…well….not.

Whether you are neat or chaotic, you can travel with someone who is the opposite in tidiness, if you are willing to give some slack.  Here are 5 ways to help ease the tension on your next trip!

    1.  Discuss your usual level of organization before you leave on your trip, so there are not any secrets left to be uncovered when the floor is covered in dirty laundry.messy+hotel+rooms+are+bad+for+weddings
    2. Go on your trip without expectations and willing to go with the flow. If a mess really stresses you out, be willing to tidy up the room a little yourself. Your roommate will notice and start to clean up after themselves more.  If you are the messy one(like me), try to keep your chaotic nature to your side of the room, so that your roommate can feel more comfortable.clean-hotel-room
    3. Be in your room as little as possible. If you are only there to sleep and maybe a short break during the day, the mess can’t bother you and there is a lot less time for the room to become messy.rome-2374587_1920
    4. Make sure you do let the maid come in to tidy up. Even the little bit they move around and put in piles on the desk or chair can help keep the mess to a minimal.hotel-room-clean
    5. Remember this is vacation. Yes easy for me, the messy one, to say. But seriously vacation is a time to be happy and get along with each other. Respect one another and do your best to keep the other one happy and content. Consideration goes a long way!




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