How To Take a Long Weekend Trip to Malmo and Copenhagen

Not everyone has the luxury of taking off on an adventure whenever they get the urge and not everyone has a spouse that will support them to see the world for weeks at a time, so sometimes a long weekend trip is the best kind of trip.

Years ago, the idea of heading to Europe for a long weekend seemed something only the very wealthy could do, but with the new inexpensive airlines, you can travel quite cheaply. One thing you need to remember is on these airlines, you pay for anything extra like baggage and food. They don’t even give you nuts and water for free, but you can pack your own and on a long weekend trip, you can carry everything you need in a backpack or carry-on bag.

My husband and I recently went to Malmo, Sweden which is also close enough to Copenhagen, Denmark and connected by a rail system, that you can see both cities while you are there.  There are many airlines that fly there and I recommend using google flights and planning months in advance with flexible dates to find the cheapest tickets.

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We flew in to Copenhagen, walked to terminal 3 where the train station is located, took the train to Malmo which is about a 30 minute ride and stayed at the Renaissance Marriott Malmo using hotel points which helped keep the cost down even lower. Central Station Malmo is within walking distance to Lilla Torg(Little Square) where you can find wonderful hotels, restaurants and shops. You really do not need to leave this area as everything you need to enjoy the culture and history is there. And the best part is Malmo is a pedestrian and cyclist community, so no need to rent a car. However, if you don’t feel like walking, you can rent a bike!


Mornings are odd here in Malmo, especially if you are an American. We are used to waking up at the crack of dawn and getting our day started. Well, Malmo doesn’t wake up until at least 10am. Which means if you need coffee before that, its best to brew your own in the room or head to the train station down the street.

Also, most hotels will offer a deal on breakfasts during your stay, but I don’t recommend it. Their breakfasts are great, don’t get me wrong, but take advantage of all the different cafes, espresso houses and pastry shops while you are there. The prices are all about the same and you get to experience more of Malmo culture.

After breakfast, take a walk to Malmohus,  a castle fortress built in 1434.  This marvelous castle not only houses original furniture, military items and decor from Danish and Swedish history, but also an exhibit on the Roma/ Romani people, or what many people know as the gypsies, as well as an art and textile museum. The ticket price is 40 SEK for adults over 19,which converts to $4.50 per person (FREE for 19 and under). Or maybe you will be lucky like we were and show up on a FREE day.  The walk to the museum through Kungsparken(Kings Park) is beautiful and a lovely way to spend the morning.

You can eat lunch at the castle at The Museum Restaurang Wega. This adorable little bistro is built around a beer fountain and lunch restaurant that was built in the 1910’s, closed in the 1960’s and then donated to Malmohus.

After lunch, keep walking to see more sights of Malmo. There are so many parks and public art that you will never find a loss of things to do. Make sure to stop by the local fish market, head to Ribersborgs beach and get a photo of the famous Turning Torso building.


Head back to your hotel in Lilla Torg to freshen up and rest a little, then go enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants.  You can take your meal inside or eat outside under the patio heaters covered up with the blanket each seat has provided.  As someone who hates the cold, I was skeptical of how warm these heaters and blankets can keep you, but after sitting down, I was in heaven. Those heaters put off a lot of heat and the ambiance of everyone sitting closely eating their meals and enjoying each other’s company is amazing!

Malmo - After Dinner - Lilla Torg - Saturday July 5 2008

We ate many places, but our favorite meal by far was at Steakhouse Lilla Torg.  Compliments to the chef!


After a good nights sleep, and a quick breakfast and coffee,  head to Copenhagen for the day. At the train station purchase a 24 hour ticket that gives unlimited travel on trains, metro and buses to, from and in Copenhagen for DKK 120 or 142 SEC which converts to $16 USD. Make sure you set up a FREE city tour through SANDEMANS . The free tour starts at the Dragon Fountain in Town Hall Square and covers all of the important spots; Copenhagen Town Hall, Tivoli Gardens, Danish Royal Palace, The Marble Church, Picturesque Nyhavn harbour, Hans Christian Andersen, Absalon – the warrior bishop, Nazi occupation, WWII resistance, Strøget shopping mile, The Lur Blowers, Nytorv and Gammeltorv, Kongens Nytorv, Danish Parliament, The Royal Danish Theater in a 2.5 hour time period. This tour gives you a chance to learn and see what you want to see more of or spend more time visiting. Of course Nyhavn Harbour is one of the most iconic areas and I recommend heading there to eat lunch.


After enjoying lunch, make sure you get ice cream for dessert at Vaffelbageren. Not only do they make their own waffles and waffle cones, but their own ice cream as well!


Don’t leave Copenhagen without seeing the Little Mermaid statue. Honestly, it’s not all that exciting, but it’s one of those things that is pretty much required on a trip to Copenhagen!


Enjoy your day here in Copenhagen, shop, eat and make the most of it and then head back to the train station for Malmo. One thing to make note of, is to make sure you keep your passport with you at all times. On the trip back to Sweden, the train stops and police come through to check your passports before continuing on the way. I’d hate to be the person who forgot their passport at the hotel that day.

Spend the next day in Malmo visiting all the other spots you didn’t make it to. A quirky little museum to stop at is the Theatre Museum. It costs $3 to enter and is a nice way to support the local arts as well as interesting to see set models, costumes, props, posters etc, from Swedish theatre.



Make sure as you walk around today, you pick up souvenirs for all your friends and family back home. Who doesn’t want an iconic Swedish Horse?


And of course, continue trying all the local cuisine. I recommend dinner at one place and dessert at another so you can hit them all. (I love food)


Enjoy your last evening in Malmo and get a good nights rest. When you wake up in the morning, pack your backpack, check out and head back to Copenhagen. You have to visit Tivoli Gardens, the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world, before going to the airport.  The gardens are beautiful and you can definitely see that the buildings and atmosphere were an inspiration for the Disney Parks.


 I don’t know about you, but I see It’s A Small World in this building.

After your visit to Tivoli, it will probably be time to get to the airport to go through security and start boarding.

What an amazing trip and a long weekend was just the right amount of time to visit Malmo and Copenhagen. When we booked the trip, I thought we’d spend more time in Copenhagen, but I am glad we stayed in Malmo which is much more relaxing and enjoyable! And I get to color in two more places on my map!

Happy Traveling!!!!